Meeting Minutes: January 12, 2008

Present: Amy, Anne, Candise, Erica, Gordon, Michael, Monique, Pinn

Brownbag Speakers:

Rachel Bridgewater will be our next Brownbag Speaker on Saturday, January 26th. Pinn will create a flier for the event.

  • Thank you gift—We will ask Rachel if she would like us to take her out to lunch. Both Erica and Gordon will be available to do this. If Rachel does not want lunch, Gordon will let us know via e-mail and we will decide on another gift.

A calendar for 2008 has been created. The blog calendar will reflect this one, so if you see any discrepancies, please let Annica know.

March speaker: March 8th and 15th are possible dates for the next Brownbag speaker.

  • Michael will speak to Pam Osbourne regarding these dates and get back to us and the next meeting with her feedback.
  • Erica is compiling a list of possible speakers. If you have any ideas, please contact her. Possible future speakers include:
    • Pam Osbourne (MercyCorps librarian),
    • Anne-Marie Deitering (undergraduate services librarian at OSU) and
    • Debbie Levi (librarian who assisted feminist author Naomi Klein with her latest book).


We have been confirmed for doing registration at the OLA/WLA Joint Conference on April 16-18. Erica will keep us posted when she receives an agenda.

  • They would like morning registration volunteers, as well as conference guides and room monitors.
  • We should make a general announcement to the cohorts so others that are not SCALA officers have the opportunity to volunteer
  • The blog needs to be updated to link to the updated conference web page

Library Tours:

We will be organizing a trip to OSU on February 5th at 1pm. We will have the opportunity to tour the library, archives and special collections. The tour will last two hours.

  • We need to update the blog calendar to reflect this event

Suggestions for the next library tour: The Oregon State Library, PSU, Nike

  • We will try to organize something more local, perhaps Nike. Erica will look into this possibility before the next meeting

Social Events:

The next event will bowling on February 9th, 2008 at the Interstate bowling alley. Anne will look into the details and get back to the officers soon.

In order to allow more people the opportunity to attend social events, we will try to organize the bowling trip on a Saturday after class.


Assistance to Vernonia School District: The school (and library) was hit hard by the recent floods. Perhaps we could fundraise for them? Erica will send out an email reminding officers to come up with ideas for this.

Ideas for fundraising: The student/librarian band night is still an option. Also, perhaps the officers would all be willing to pitch in $5? Seems to be a reasonable suggestion to the officers present.


We have a new name for the group, so we need to utilize it. Whenever you are creating SCALA-related media (flyers, blogs, emails, etc.), please use the official name. SLIM-OR SCALA! SLIM-OR SCALA! SLIM-OR SCALA!

NMRT Student Chapter of the Year: To get this, we need to show an improvement in our finances. Erica and Crystal are working on the account, and we would not share this with Kansas, which puts us in a very unique situation.

Next Meeting: February 23rd, 2008

One thought on “Meeting Minutes: January 12, 2008”

  1. You guys are doing so awesome, I am incredibly proud of you and awed by your organization–and you’re social. Bowling trips, why didn’t we ever think of that?!

    If you do any fundraising around Vernonia do let the slim-OR alum list know– I bet many of us would love to support the effort.

    Keep up the good work, y’all!

    (FYI the shinyblog has moved to

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