Meeting Minutes: October 27, 2007


Not much is happening at the moment. If you have questions about your role, feel free to talk to Erica.

Seattle Public Library Tour

will be Saturday, November 17th. Amy is the point person, so any questions/suggestions should be aimed her way.

Blog Issues:

  • If we post new blogs, the event notice gets moved down. But if we keep the event at the top of the page, people may think the blog hasn’t been updated.
  • Maybe we could post the event on a sidebar so it is always visible?
  • Monique made a list of blog ideas: Group will discuss more on the wiki.

Ideas for the Blog:

Scholarships: We need to create a page that details different scholarships (not just Emporia) that students can access. We could link this from the blog, and may allow the blog to be more of a resource for students.

Resource Page: Maybe links to sites that will be helpful or of interest to students.

Calendar: Will display all class dates as well as events, conferences, etc. Anika will manage the calendar and Michael will do the actual creating/updating.

Student Blogs: We are always in need of student blogs. If you find a new one, please send it to Michael, and he will link it from our blog page.

Brownbag Speakers:

Social Committee has been flyering for the first event (John Webb) and getting word out. We will have speakers every other month when OR-7 and OR-8 both have classes. Pinn will survey the students to see what kind of speakers they would like to see in the future.

LibraryThing / Bookshare Update:

Students do not seem to be accessing it yet. It is possible people do not like an online forum, but would rather see live book groups (or maybe do not want to do this at all…). Pinn will survey the students to see what kind of forum they would like to see, and we will follow up. Candise will keep LibraryThing going for those who are into it or still discovering it.

Documenting SCALA:

Candise will document all events and projects SCALA works on. Candise will keep track of the documents, but will also make sure they are accessible to SCALA officers, as it will be beneficial in the future.


Still an issue, as we cannot get ahold of the people who disperse it. Crystal and Erica will continue to attempt to make contact.

Next Meeting:

Sunday, December 2nd @ 12:15pm

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