Meeting Minutes: September 15, 2007

Social Committee:

    • Officers voted, and decided to have it at Norma’s house.
    • We need to organize carpools and get the word out
    • It will be Banned Books week, so we could bring banned books to share with the group
  • Gordon has organized a trip to the Seattle Public Library
    • Erica and Gordon decided to organize it to get the ball rolling, but that day is not convenient for many of the officers who would like to go
    • We will talk to people to see what days are most convenient
  • Other social event suggestions:
    • Trip to OSU library.
    • SLIM-OR band night (for those about to rock).
    • ePals. Sort of like penpals. We could link with other cohorts in different states in order to boost alliances. We could make selections based on shared interests.
    • Book share. We could find a forum to write reviews and let it be known what books we own and would be willing to share. Possibly a reading group?

Erica’s Announcements:

  • Erica is working with Candy Morgan on Banned Book week events coordination. She will post a list of things that need to be done.
  • Social Committee will organize and send over a description of their roles to Michael to post on the wiki.
  • If SCALA officers want a picture on the blog, please send one to Norma via the Flickr account or email
  • We need a process for setting up and organizing events.
    • Amy has created an action plan. She will post it to the wiki or ask Michael do so.
  • Upcoming Conferences:
    • InfoCamp (in Seattle) – tech oriented. October 13th.
  • It would be good to organize for these events in advance so we can set up group trips to conferences.
  • Speakers: We will continuethis discussion on the wiki.
    • Perhaps John Webb would be willing to speak on November 10th? It is a day when both OR-7 and OR-8 have classes.

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