Meeting Minutes: August 23, 2008

Meeting begins at 12:15 p.m.

Members in attendance:

Amy Stanforth, Candise Branum, Chris Hoffman Hill, Erica Findley, Eura Ryan, Glen Gordon Brunton, Gordon Turner, Hadley Brown, Jodi Luce, Katie Edson, Laureen Burger, Linda Busta, Martha Jones, Michael Braun Hamilton, Mollie Good, Pinn Crawford, Ross Betzer, Ryan Blackmore, Shannon Mahoney, Susannah Carver, Zoe Fisher, Jeff Allen, Laurisa Stubblefield.

A quorum is reached, as a majority of voting members is present.

All officers elected unopposed. No official tally of votes is taken.

2008-09 officers will be:

  • President – Michael Braun Hamilton (OR8)
  • Vice President – Zoe Fisher (OR9)
  • Secretary – Pinn Crawford (OR8)
  • Treasurer – Shannon Mahoney(OR9)
  • Events Coordinator – Candise Branum (OR8)
  • Web Manager – Laureen Burger (OR9)
  • Communications Officer – Eura Ryan (OR9)

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