Meeting Minutes: August 14, 2008

Members in attendance:
Candise Branum, Erica Findley, Gordon Turner, Michael Braun Hamilton, Pinn Crawford.

Meeting begins at 7:00 p.m.

2008-2009 Officer Election:

  • Need to make sure everyone who is to vote is a signed up member. Erica to pass around a sign-up sheet at their orientation. We can sign them up at the meeting right before the vote if necessary.
  • Email to Monique needed to get all the OR7 sign-ups.
  • Decision to encourage more open meetings in the next cycle, with all members welcome.
  • Positions renamed and retooled a little. Officer positions to be voted on at the Annual Member Meeting as follows: President, VP-elect, Secretary, Treasurer, Event Coordinator, Web Coordinator and Communications Officer.
  • Vice Presidency to be a VP-elect position. VP-elect to become president in the next cycle. Webmaster position from last year to be restructured to make the focus of the web coordinator be the management of the site, blog etc. while the Communications Officer is to handle content for the blog, fro the newsletter etc.

Orientation for OR9:

Michael and Erica have been asked to present at the OR9 orientation.

Hand-Off meeting:

Decision to hold off plans for this meeting until after the election in order to include new officers.

Next Meeting:

Next meeting to be the Annual Member’s Meeting, August 23rd, Smith Hall at 12.15 .

Cookies to be provided by Gordon, beverages by Erica, Copies of the Bylaws by Pinn.

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