Meeting Minutes: July 26, 2008

SLIM-OR SCALA Officers Meeting

July 26, 2008

Board Members Present:
Pinn Crawford, Erica Findley, Michael Braun Hamilton, Annica Stivers, Gordon Turner, Crystal Neal,
Amy Stanforth, Candise Branum

  1. Erica’s Report:
    • A card for Perri is passed around, as she bought the SCALA checks for us.
    • When people give us money (especially for t-shirts or fundraisers), make sure you write out a receipt. They can make all checks out to SLIM-OR SCALA
    • Reimbursement: Must provide a proposal (in writing) that is approved by the President (Erica) before spending money. You must provide a receipt if you want to be reimbursed.
    • Crystal is donating $2.99.
    • SCALA Membership status: We are technically still a part of Emporia, KS (not an autonomous group), but we can get $50/month from the ALA as a part of our membership. This will come direct to us, not through the Kansas filter.
    • Motion to remove Norma Leistiko from the Board of Directors – she has okayed this as well. The Board passes the motion. Norma will stay on the general SCALA member list.
  2. Motions for the Board:
    • Set and vote on date for the next officer election:
      • Erica proposes the first weekend of classes for next term – this will also be the first weekend for OR-9 Students
      • The board votes to approve August 23rd as the date for the for the election.
      • We should have members present at the OR-9 orientation (the weekend before)
      • We will meet on Thursday, August 14th, 7pm @ The Green Dragon to discuss the upcoming elections in more detail.
  3. Report from Social Committee:
    • We have an event this evening: Bowling at Hollywood Bowl
    • T-Shirts: Amy will look into how expensive it will be to buy the screen and send out an email for the pre-order deadline. We will buy 5 extra shirts (possibly OR-9 people will be interested in buying)
  4. Report from the Web Committee:
    • Still looking into blog content, as Monique is too busy at the moment.
    • Idea broached for possible Eugene-Seattle projects – we will discuss this at a future meeting
  5. Treasurer’s Report:
    • No action, so nothing to report. Group discusses and decides that one signature is fine for depositing checks.

NEXT MEETING: Thursday, August 14th, 7pm @ The Green Dragon

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