Meeting Minutes: June 22, 2008


June 22, 2008

Members Present: Erica
Findley, Michael Braun Hamilton, Gordon Turner, Crystal Neal, Annica
Stivers, Candise Branum

  • Incorporation
    – tax exemption: We now have a bank account!

    • List of records
      – we must keep good accounts
    • Candise will email
      Michael the old minutes
  • Board Procedures
    : Erica is putting one together. She will also leave the non-profit
    manual with the group after she graduates.
  • Reed Tour:
    They are not open on weekends or evenings during the summer. We will
    have a tour in August instead – tentative for August 16th; Erica will
    check with Reed.
  • Electing Board
    Members voted in the following members:

    • Pinn Crawford: Public
    • Michael Braun Hamilton:
      Web Team
    • Norma Leisko: Web
    • Monique Lloyd: Web
    • Amy Stanforth: Social
    • Annica Stivers:
      Social Committee
  • Erica motions for
    monthly reports from the Social and Web Committees (verbal). This will
    allow people to check in about what is going on.

    • Motion voted in.
  • Roles of committee
    members is discussed. Michael may move to be elected as head of the
    Web Team. Erica will call Norma to verify that she wants to be a Board
  • Annica proposes
    an event: Bowling on Saturday, July 26th at Hollywood Bowl,
  • Erica: Next meeting
    will be more structured. If there is something you would like to discuss,
    make sure it is on the agenda ahead of time.
  • For the next

    • We will discuss
      what we will use the money in our checking account for.
    • If we want to spend
      money, make sure Crystal gets the receipts. Gordon has purchased a gift
      for a past speaker, but is giving up rights to be reimbursed.
    • Get Perri a thank-you
      card for donating money.
  • Next Meeting:
    July 26th.

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