Meeting Minutes: September 20, 2008

SLIM-OR SCALA Officers’ Meeting 09/20/08

Present: Erica Findley, Michael Braun Hamilton, Zoe Fisher, Pinn Crawford, Shannon Mahoney, Candise Branum, Laureen Burger and Eura Ryan.

1) Handoff to new officers

  • Bank Account
  1. Unanimous vote to remove Erica as signer on the SCALA account. Unanimous vote to add Michael as  signer on the same account.
  2. October 4th, 2008 set as a date for Erica, Michael and Perri to go to Washington Mutual to change the account details as voted above.
  • Board Procedures Manual
  1. Erica has created a procedures manual. It can be updated whenever officers want. Erica handed over the Oregon Nonprofit handbook, which is the basis for the handbook she created. Erica reminds us that we will need to file both federal and state taxes. Our first filing will be September 15th, 2009, three months after the end of our first fiscal year Reminder that we are NOT tax exempt. We will need to report to the Secretary of State annually.  Our legal address if Perri’s office on SW Taylor.
  2. Erica is thanked by the entire board for all she has done in the incorporation process and in helping SLIM OR SCALA get this far.
  • New Officers
  1. Michael expressed a wish to distribute the responsibilities a little more throughout the board and make the position of President not entirely responsible for everything happening.  He has added Oregon 9 to the SCALA listserv.  He has also set up a Facebook group for SLIM OR SCALA. All other officers comfortable with their roles as described in the position descriptions.

2) Planning

  • Role of SCALA
  1. Discussion of mission statement.
  2. Decision to not be limited by our official affiliation with ALA. We shall foster links with SLA, OLA, WLA, ILA, PNWLA etc. either as official or casual affiliations.
  3. We need to look for what these or other organizations can offer SLIM students as stated in the mission statement.
  4. Kansas. How to relate to the SCALA there. Michael has contacted the SLA group listed in Emporia. Waiting to hear back.
  5. Decision to attempt to connect with distance students in the Portland area from other programs. Task split up by program among members of the board.
  • Meetings
  1. Decision to try and move a good deal of Officer business online so that we can hold open meetings. Plan to have a short business segment of the open meeting followed by open discussion.
  • Activities
  1. Library tours. We will have them about every two months as last year.
    • Reed Tour:Michael will reestablish contact about a tour.
    • Eura to investigate the Library for the Blind in Seattle
  • Speakers
  1. Sam Wallin suggested as next speaker.
  2. Follow up on both topics to be continued by email/ discussion board.

3) Open Issues

  • T-shirts have arrived
  1. Amy still collecting money so we voted to wait until the bank account is changed over to make any decision about the funds from the shirts.
  2. Decision to wait to see if there is any interest in the remaining three shirts.
  3. Sidebar on blog about t-shirts to be changed.

4) Questions

  • Decision to have ongoing discussions via the Facebook page on certain topics and     via email for Board-special topics.

5) Next Meeting

  • Next meeting set for October 25th, 2008

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