Meeting Minutes: March 27, 2010

• Tax history
o Taxes have NEVER been done before.
o July 2008- July 2009 first year for taxes. Oct 2009 would have been first time filing taxes.

• Info from other clubs
o Other clubs use an Emporia account. ESU doesn’t recognize our club. Kate Hill recommended… getting rid of incorporation and bank account.
• We don’t have a local faculty advisor…. Katie Hill is for everyone.
• ALA chapter relations…. Don Wood said we could have the same benefits as other student groups. Erica recommends consulting ALA student chapter page for more info.
•Dis-incorporation (type mutual benefit)
o Bank account – closing account – we need signed minutes voting on it. We’ll need to get Michael. Waiting to do this AFTER the prom so we can use the bank account for that.
o Dissolve corp: Contacting Oregon secretary of state, attorney general regarding proper dissolution. Meeting to do this.

o Membership meeting – call it to alert members

 Vote on what to do with the money…. Letting them vote because money has to be distributed to members.

• Bronwyn – Zoe says she has called people… we need to find out who and if we actually need to contact anyone or just send in paper work.
• Ryan (with Zoe’s help) will write the explanatory letter

– Need to explain club turn over
– Organization subsumed by larger entity

Overall Plan:
• Taxes first
• Bank account
• Dissolve corporation
• Buy lockbox (double check with Perri)

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