Meeting Minutes: February 13, 2010

Prom committee
When: May 14th.
1. Alcohol:

a. General admiration of alcohol (it’s a draw) but the OLCC is a pain in the ass.
b. Suggestion: pre and post prom bar visits
c. Suggestion: We could have a pasta and sandwiches feed.
d. But pasta and dancing don’t mix. And it’s expensive.
e. Vote: Meeting and Greet before and after. No booze.

2. Promotion

a. Turner will head up Web 2.0 promotion: Facebook page, etc.
b. LIBS ORG listserve – posting it
c. Flier – Serenity will make a flier.

i. Library prom is theme
ii. Info to include: tickets (cost and how to get them (contact Bronwyn)), location, time
iii. Black and white

3. Tickets

a. RSVP gets discount price. Paying ahead is encouraged.
b. Old catalog card or something
c. “admit one”
d. Contact Bronwyn for tickets

4. Space questions:

a. PA?
b. Air conditioned or just garage door?

5. Entertainment:

a. DJ: Bronwyn has friends she will ask. If not, Jennifer volunteered.

i. $25 fee for AV equipment.
ii. Do they have a PA? Zoe will double check.

b. Games and/or raffle?

i. Zoe… there’s a pool table…?
ii. Raffle – Turner will ask around for donations from local reading/book establishments.

6. Food

a. Some sort of sign up for food….
b. Food theme… 50s (Bronwyn suggestion)
c. Punch?
d. Ginger ale… Ginger ale punch…
e. Ice will be needed

7. Set Up

a. Zoe will head up
b. Decorations:

i. Colours – black, white and teal.
ii. Nothing can be attached to the walls
iii. Balloons –

c. Misc. supplies: Punch bowl – Need to get one from thrift store. Paper and plastic cups.
e. Photos: Set up?

i. Butcher paper for background?

8. Clean Up

a. Ryan (what supplies will be needed? Trash bags? Paper towels?)

9. Reimbursements

a. Try to pay for things yourself. Perri has to cut checks so keep your receipts so several checks can be made at once. But before hand, clear that the club will pay for the item.

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