Meeting Minutes: October 25, 2008

Officers Present: Michael Braun Hamilton, Zoe Fisher, Pinn Crawford, Shannon Mahoney, Laureen Burger and Eura Ryan

SCALA members present: three

President’s Report

  • Bank account transfer – everything went fine. Michael has all the statements and will hand over to Shannon

Financial Report (Treasurer)


  • T-Shirts – unanimous consent to have a competition for new t-shirt designs. 
  • Eura will announce the contest and we will set up a survey to collect submissions.

Social Activities 

  • Need to schedule something soon! – Michael and Candise both going to Sofia so Pinn agrees to help coordinate November events.
  • Unanimous consent to have a bowling event on 11/22. Shannon suggests issuing raffle tickets at events and having a small prize (t-shirt?) at each event to boost interest. We will try and set up a “MAXpool” to get out-of-towners to the Hollywood Bowl easily.
  • Unanimous consent to also have a speaker on 11/22. See below.
  • Unanimous consent to have a library tour in the first two weeks of November. See below.

Outreach to Other Distance Programs

  • Michael is collecting email addresses of individual students. We agreed to generate a list to add to event invitations etc.
  • First event to invite others to will be bowling on 11/22/08


  • Content for blog – Laureen is looking for content. Ideas include a theme of the month and a library Haiku segment.
  • Updating Resources page – Zoe to update the submission dates and other relevant information
  • Laureen to create a wiki for SCALA

Lunchtime Speakers

  • All members present voted for three speakers. 

i) Allie Flanary (Emporia Alum – PCC) (3 votes)
ii) Jeff Crump (Emporia Alum – MercyCorps) (3 votes)
iii) Jason Eiseman (Emporia Alum – ORSLA President) (4 votes)
iv) Patricia Welch (Director of the North Portland Library) (2 votes)
v) Molly Raphael (Director of Multnomah County Libraries) (3 votes)
vi) Holly Blosser (Emporia Alum – FVRL Training Coordinator) (0 votes)
vii) Connie Behe (Emporia Alum – FVRL Circ Supervisor) (0 votes)
viii) Sam Wallin (Emporia Alum – FVRL Reference Librarian Info Services) (2 votes)
ix) Lee-Anne Flandreau (Emporia Alum – FVRL ILL Services Manager) (4 votes)
x) Ruth Shafer (FVRL Youth Services Librarian) (0 votes)
xi) Jennifer Railsback Klump (Emporia Alum – Education Resource Advisor
Northwest Regional Education Laboratory) (5 votes)

  • Michael will contact the top three, Jennifer Railsback Klump, Jason Eiseman and Lee-Anne Flandreau, about speaking.
  • Idea to contact people who do not speak to generate blog posts for us.

Library Tours

  • Reed – provisionally for November 8th. Michael to contact. Pinn and Eura to organize from there.
  • More ideas to be submitted to Facebook discussion page.


  • Now that we have events and such, Eura is ramping up the issues.

Next Meeting 

  • Unanimous consent for “e-meeting”. Zoe proposed Meebo. Date TBD. (addendum 9:00 PM Tuesday Nov. 25th

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