Meeting Minutes: January 31, 2009

Minutes of SLIM–OR SCALA Officers Meeting 1/31/09


Present: Michael Braun-Hamiliton, Zoe Fisher, Eura Ryan, Pinn Crawford


a) Financial Report –

Michael (as our treasurer position is still unfilled)


Pinn resubmitted a receipt for reimbursement for gift.


Current balance is $129.89.


b) Vacancies on Board

a)    Treasurer – unanimous vote to choose Alison Wilbur as treasurer.


b)    Webmaster – as no one had expressed interest in this position but we had two applications for treasurer, there was a unanimous vote to appoint Ryan Blackmore as webmaster (pending his ok)


c) T-Shirts

Michael will call to get a quote from a local company to move ahead with the Ranganathan t-shirts.


Eura will post on slimlist, Facebook, blog etc. to announce a pre-order phase.


We will take pre-orders until March 7.


All officers will attempt to sell the shirts among wider community.


Prices will be $10 for SCALA members, $12 for everyone else.


We will send one free t-shirt to the owner of the phrase that we are using, as a thank you for his permission to use the phrase.


d) Next speaker

a)    Who: Unanimous decision to ask Allie Flannery to speak. If She can’t, our second choice is Sam Wallin.


b)    When: To coincide with the second weekend of 806, the speaker will be at lunchtime on Saturday, March 21st


e) Tours

a)    Washington Talking Book & Braille Library: Date set for February 21st at noon. An email to be sent out to arrange carpool


b)    Reed: Michael is back in touch with Reed and we decided to aim for March 14th for a tour.


f) Events

a)    Prom – We decided that we want to have the Prom be as inclusive as possible, to include the larger library community.


b)    Must be after our finals in May.


c)    Agreement on the 80s prom theme.


d)    Preference for an off-campus location with a bar.


e)    Agreement to give Candise the go ahead to get quotes and start estimating numbers etc.


f)    Candise’s remote update on Prom (thanks Candise and apologies about the karaoke)



I organized a get-together at a Karaoke Bar, and only one person (besides my boss and my girlfriend) showed up. I was the only SCALA officer there!! This has happened over and over again, and was an issue plaguing last-year’s social activities committee. So I will advocate for after-school bartime, but I’m not going to be planning these kinds of social events anymore. I’m just going to concentrate on the one big activity – Librarian Prom. We have a few options for this:


1. We can hold it Ian’s house (OR-8). I’ve never seen his place, but he says he has a large house with a huge covered outdoor area. This would be easy to do – simple party planning. We could invite SLIM students and Alumni, but not the larger library community.


2. I’ve been talking to Renee, who organizes Interlibrary Lush (which is pretty successful) and she is willing to help organize if it is an event for the general library community. Lana (my boss) has a connection at the Holocene, so we might be able to have a prom there, and the mechanics of it would pretty much be out of our hands. They serve alcohol and I know plenty of DJs who already work there. Or we could try to book a venue, get a legion hall, or see if we have any connections at PSU (we are a student group, so maybe they could cut us some slack). I believe Liberty Hall (a huge church that is now a community center and used to have punk shows) is around $300 and has a full bar downstairs. I don’t anticipate making a ton of money, but just want to come out somewhat even, have an awesome night, and give some publicity to SCALA. Getting the money up front for the venue is gonna be the biggie, but we would probably make it back in attendance sales. We might be able to get some money from Emporia, sell tix in advance, etc. This option would be pretty amazing, as we could have a pretty big turnout and make it into a real prom-style. People have been sending me ideas for prom themes, and I think 80s prom is the most popular one. If we could get some vintage READ posters, that would be phenomenal.


So I think I’m going to start planning for option 2, with option one as a back-up plan if things fall through. If you guys have suggestions or concerns about the ideas listed above, (or any other amazing ideas), send them my way.




g) Volunteering at OLA (April 1-3, 2009, Salem)

Officers to volunteer unless not at all possible.


Officers to encourage regular members to volunteer.


No information yet about what shifts are required etc or if we will get any perks (admission etc.) for volunteering.


h) Next Meeting

Next meeting to be a Meebo meeting on March 7th

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