Meeting Minutes: March 7, 2009

SLIM–OR SCALA Officers Meeting 03/07/09
E-meeting on

Attending: Michael Braun Hamilton, Zoe Fisher, Ryan Blackmore, Alison Wilbur, Candise Branum, Eura Ryan and Pinn Crawford.

1) Financial Report
Alison is our new treasurer. We are awaiting potential money from Emporia.

2) Hello to new officers!
a) A big welcome to our new officers Treasurer Alison and Web Manager Ryan!

3) T-Shirts
a) 29 shirt orders as of 3/7/09. Lots of excitement about them. Only two need them shipped. Michael to pass out a sheet in 810 as well as take it to ACRL for more orders.
b) publicize through friends, Facebook, ACRL etc.
c) When do we print? – We will print the shirts after ACRL to maximize orders. Checks for t-shirts to be mailed to SLIM OR SCALA offices (aka Perri’s office. T-shirt sales to be pre-paid as COD will be too risky.
d) Stickers are also being looked into. Same Ranganathan logo but as small stickers to sell for $1 approx. 250 for $60. Pending financial means, this project gets unanimous approval

4) Next speaker
a) Allie on April 4. Pending speaker confirmation, this will happen at PSU at 12.15.

5) Tours
a) Ryan to blog about the Braille library. A thank you card to be organized too for Danielle. Zoe has pictures.
b) Reed – effectively cancelled due to bad contacts at their end.
c) Candise to contact her friend at the State library about a possible tour.
d) next tour to be over the summer.
e) Also, suggestions to be solicited from members.

6) Events
a) Prom Report: May 16th is our provisional date. We are moving ahead with the Liberty Hall plan. BYOB seems the best way to go with alcohol.$100 upfront deposit that is refundable for alcohol. Total is $215 upfront. Tickets to be sold ahead of time and at the door ($10/12). Tickets to be based on old library cards, design pending details. Prom committee to be formed soon and they will take on the details. Theme is possible 80s prom but we shall see in committee.

7) Volunteering at OLA (April 1-3, 2009, Salem)
Not a lot of ability to get to or take time off of work for the conference. It is an awkward time. There is a class at the weekend. A call for carpool to go out on Facebook etc.

8) Anything Else?
Pinn to get physical copy of street addresses for all officers for the records. Michael to have a copy too.

9) Next Meeting
5p.m. at Paccini’s on April 4th.

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