Annual Elections to Be Held August 27, 2011

UPDATE: Meeting will take place from 12:15-12:45.

Join us this Saturday, August 27th, for the annual SLIM-OR Student Chapter of American Library Association (SCALA) elections. They will be held  during the lunch break in the ground floor of Smith Memorial Student Union. Get some lunch from the market and dine and vote for the new officers in the downstairs dining area. All SLIM students are encouraged to attend. Even if you are not thinking about applying, we encourage you to show up and let us know what types of events you would like in the coming year. If you can’t make it to the meeting, but want to be involved you can submit a brief letter of interest on why you want to hold the specific position.

We are a student organization that puts together networking and social events for library students in the Pacific Northwest. We organize library tours, speaking events, bar meet-ups and the famous Librarian Prom.

SCALA is a great opportunity to network in the local library community, provide learning opportunities for your peers, and is a great resume builder. By no means do you need to live in Portland to participate on the board. Our communication is primarily conducted through email and our meetings happen during class weekends.

You can run for President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, or Events Coordinator. In addition, there are two other positions: Web Presence & Social Networking Coordinator and Community Outreach Liaison. The descriptions of the position can be found below.

In addition, please join SCALA for the annual fall semester BBQ. The BBQ will be pot luck, so bring something to grill, drink or share. More details to follow.

Please let us know if you have any questions about SCALA, the election or the BBQ.






SLIM-OR SCALA Web Presence & Social Networking Coordinator



Official representative of SCALA in Oregon, call meetings of officers, create agenda for

meetings, final authority on all group activities, create and publish content to the blog, liaise

with: professional organizations, ESU Faculty, Cohorts and Kansas group. Provide cohesion

and direction for all other SCALA officers in Oregon. The president approves all financial

transactions of SLIM-OR SCALA funds.


The Vice President shall act as President-elect of the Board and shall perform the duties of the

President in the absence or inability of the President to perform these duties. The Vice-President

shall have any other powers and duties as may be prescribed by the Board of Directors. The VP

is in charge of moderating the SLIM-OR SCALA listserv.


The Secretary shall have overall responsibility for all recordkeeping. The Secretary shall

perform, or cause to be performed, the following duties: (a) official recording of the minutes of

all proceedings of the Board of Directors and members’ meetings and actions; (b) provision of

notice of all meetings of the Board of Directors and members; (c) authentication of the records

of the corporation; (d) maintaining current and accurate membership lists; (e) and any other

duties as may be prescribed by the Board of Directors. The secretary will work with the

Web Presence and Social Networking Coordinator to post meeting minutes to the blog in a

timely manner.


The Treasurer shall have overall responsibility for all corporate funds. The Treasurer shall

perform, or cause to be performed, the following duties: (a) keeping of full and accurate accounts

of all financial records of the corporation; (b) deposit of all monies and other valuable effects

in the name and to the credit of the corporation in such depositories as may be designated by

the Board of Directors; (c) disbursement of all funds when proper to do so; (d) making financial

reports as to the financial condition of the corporation to the Board of Directors; (e) and any

other duties as may be prescribed by the Board of Directors.

Event Coordinator

The events coordinator is responsible for appointing and organizing committees to plan and

create OR SCALA social events. The Event Coordinator will work in tandem with the other board

members and with any established committees to ensure the execution of SCALA hosted events,

delegating various responsibilities and ensuring tasks are met.

Web Presence & Social Networking Coordinator

The Web Presence & Social Networking Coordinator will be responsible for maintaining SLIM-

OR SCALA blog; including that meeting minutes, event announcements and photographs are

posted in a timely manner. The Web Presence & Social Networking will create opportunities for

current SLIM-OR students to publish original content on the blog to further their professional

development. Additional responsibility of the Web Presence & Social Networking included maintaining

SLIM-OR SCALA’s social networking presence (Facebook,twitter, etc.).

Community Outreach Liaison:

The Community Outreach Liaison ensures that Pacific Northwest professional library

associations and students in other MLS distant programs are notified and invited to SCALA-hosted

events. This position is essential to upholding the mission of SCALA: “Enhance the professional

development of students in the Emporia School of Library and Information Management – Oregon

Cohort by supporting collaborative relationships with the professional community.” By inviting other

members of the Pacific Northwest librarian community, the Community Outreach Liaison will create additional

networking opportunities for students as well as increase SLIM-OR SCALA’s presence within

the wider community.

A Beginner’s Guide to Library School

This past weekend the OR-12 cohort had orientation. As OR-10 moves from library school and fully into the world of information professionals, it’s time to let the new kids take over, but not without some parting gifts. Those gifts: lots of links and information to help you out as your journey begins!

Congratulations! You’re in library school. And if you’re with Emporia’s School of Library and Information Management (SLIM), you are very lucky indeed.  It can be very overwhelming after orientation. There’s a lot of information (appropriate as Information Overload Day is in August) and two years can seem like a long time. First things first: it’s okay to be overwhelmed. There’s a lot coming at you all at once. Recognize it for what it is and then start to parse things out. Once you get into a rhythm, it becomes much easier.

Now some tips and tricks.


  • Get a Twitter account. Right now. And follow us @SCALAoregon. There’s a ton of information out there and Twitter is an amazing way to get a lot of information in small and easy to digest pieces. Are you stuck looking for a topic for a paper on reference? Tweet to your followers and get some feedback. Find out about events and goings-ons in your neck of the woods or follow live tweets from conferences and events you couldn’t get to.
  • Start a blog (like Turner). Or at least start following a lot of blogs. Share your ideas with the world, get involved in the comments, and connect with your community. I follow the Public Library Association (PLA), the Association for Library Service to Children (ALSC), and the Young Adult Library Services Association (YALSA) blogs because I am interested in public youth librarianship. Where are your interests? Find the association relevant to that and start following their blog. Other great blogs to follow include:
  • Be like Jim Carrey in the middle of this movie. Say yes to every opportunity even it seems like you maybe don’t know how to do it (thanks to Rachel Bridgewater for this advice). Go to that conference. Speak up in class. Present that paper. You can do so much more than you know and even if it doesn’t turn out perfectly, there are learning opportunities at every turn. This is how you start to network.
  • Listen to your adviser (especially if it’s Perri). She knows the system, knows how to help you, and can get you to the end. In fact, she is what will get you to the end and you’ll feel a sense of pride on graduation day when she calls your name.
  • Get a library job or a volunteer position. Like yesterday. Volunteering is a fantastic way to find out what you want to do with your degree or maybe what you don’t want to do. Libraries love volunteers and they love library students. Multnomah County’s Volunteer Services has a number of options for those who want to work in libraries. Go ahead and ask around.
  • Sign up for list-servs. Your school one, a job list, one for your state. If you’re in Oregon, Libs-Or is invaluable. You may want to filter them into a different folder so it doesn’t overwhelm your in-box, but this is a great way to get information about conferences, articles, what’s going on with your school and state.
  • Back up your work. Save it on your computer, then again on a jump drive or external drive (or both). Load it up into Google Docs (which changes the formatting, but the content is still there) or Dropbox (which doesn’t change formatting). As an aside, these last two are great ways to collaborate with your classmates on projects.
  • Read Turner’s advice for new students.
  • Join your student organization. Want to do more than attend events? Lead them! Gain leadership skills! Make friends! Learn how to fund raise and do it some more! (PS: Elections for the new SCALA Oregon board are on Saturday. More information will be posted soon).
  • Join a national organization. As a student you get a great deal with combo ALA/OLA memberships.


  • Bemoan group work. You’re going to have a group project nearly every semester and likely one per class. Librarianship is about collaboration and what you do in library school is great practice. It teaches you how to work together, how to lead, and how to present. You will get very comfortable with your classmates and they are the easiest audience you will every present in front of. Cherish this time.
  • Freak out if you can’t do any or all of this in the first semester. Give yourself time to figure out how to organize your life. You’ll get there.
  • Forget your friends and how to have fun, but “I have a project due” is a great way to get out of anything. They’ll understand.

Good luck to OR-11 as they move into their final year and to OR-12 as they plunk away at the first months of library school life. You’re now a member of an amazing community. Welcome!

Rebecca Chernay is a member of the recently graduate ESU’s OR-10 cohort and specializes in children’s and youth librarianship. She is the current Web Presence & Social Networking Coordinator for SCALA, but is excited to hand the post off this Saturday.

OR-10 Has Graduated!

Top Row (l-r): Jonathan Thomas, Serenity Ibsen, Turner Masland, Robert Schwieger, Laurisa Stubblefield, Melissa Endicott, Marta Murvosh, Nyssa Walsh, Conner Bevis.

Second Row (l-r): Bronwyn Dorhofer, Emily Stockdale, Lora Leligdon, Stephanie Milbrodt, Heidi Hackenjos, Leah Biado, Elizabeth Edleman.

Third Row (l-r): Elizabeth Schmidt, Tyrene Bada, Amber Slaven, Chris Huff, Jennifer Keyser, Amber Bell, LeGrand Olsen.

Front Row (l-r): Juana Diego, Megan Foidel, Elizabeth Lips, Kristy Kemper Hodge, Rebecca Chernay, Ellen Ast, Zach Selley, Kirsten Himes.

Photo via Ellen Ast

More About Graduation

The OR-10 cohort will be graduating Sunday, August 14, 2011 at 1 PM at the Old Library Auditorium at Oregon Health & Science University.

The speakers will be Special Library Association president Cindy Romaine as the commencement speaker as well as State Librarian Jim Scheppke and OR-1o students Nyssa Walsh and LeGrand Olsen.

Librarian Prom – The Library After Dark Photos

On the right hand side of the blog page, you can see a sample from our Flickr stream. The latest photos are from librarian prom. To see more, check out the rest of the SLIM-OR SCALA Flickr Pool.

SCALA’s Brown Bag Talk – April 16, 2011 – UPDATE

The SLA and ORSLA talk will take place at approximately 12:25 pm at Portland State University in Cramer Hall, Room 401.

See this post for more details.

SCALA’s Brown Bag Talk – April 16, 2011

SCALA is proud to announce the brown bag talk for spring semester on April 16, 2011. We have scheduled a panel discussion  titled Being Future Ready with ORSLA and SLA. This will be a  panel discussion about the benefits and value of joining a professional association. The panel will talk about why it is important to be a member and get involved with ORSLA and SLA as a student. It promises to be a lively event and great exposure to some of the leaders in the Oregon and national library community. The panel will include:  

  • Cindy Romaine, SLA President, Romainiacs Intelligent Research;
  • Amy Maule, ORSLA President-elect, CH2M Hill               
  • Mecklem, Davis Wright Tremaine
  • Phoebe Owens, Wieden + Kennedy.

Former SCALA president Zoe Fisher had this to say about the event:

I just wanted to add that Cindy, Amy, Sue, and Phoebe are all very excited to meet with students! They’re funny, interesting ladies, so I really recommend you spend your lunch time with them – you won’t regret it.

As per usual, it will take place during a class lunch break. While we do not have specific time and place details yet, they will be forthcoming. Hope to see you there!

More on SCALA Fundraising

Back in February, SCALA started their t-shirt and canvas bag fundraising campaign. We still need your help!

If you can, please purchase a t-shirt or canvas bag from either Etsy or contact our Community Outreach Liaison, Nyssa Walsh ( for local purchasing. We will be bringing these with us to as many events as possible in the future, including Interlibrary Lush on April 21 from 7-10 pm at The Red Fox (5128 N. Albina). We will not have them in time for the 2011 Oregon Library Association conference, but look for Nyssa in her snazzy shirt on Thursday, April 6 (tomorrow) at the conference.

For those of you who would like to support SCALA and our efforts to provide exciting events  and speakers for students as well as networking and professional development opportunities, but don’t want to purchase anything, you can still donate! We will also be taking donations at Interlibary Lush or you can send donations to via PayPal.

Thanks for all of you help with SCALA. Hope to see you at future events!

2011 Librarian Prom Update

SCALA is pleased to announce official details, from prom organizer and SCALA event coordinator Amanda Meeks, on the 3rd Annual Librarian Prom!

Who: Librarians, library students, appreciators of libraries!

When: Friday MAY 13 at 7 PM

Where: The Q Center in North Portland

Dress: to impress

Ticket information is coming. Mark your calendars folks!

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