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Everybody welcome our new officers!

I am proud to announce the 2 new SLIM-OR SCALA officers:

Treasurer: Alison Wilbur
Web Manager: Ryan Blackmore

Everybody give them a warm round of applause! We have some great stuff coming up for you, and it will be good to be back up to full capacity.

– Michael

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Next Lunchtime Speaker – Jennifer Railsback Klump (Northwest Regional Education Laboratory)

January 31st, 2009, 12:15 PM (grab lunch quick and bring it)
Cramer Hall, room 171 (or whatever PSU classroom LI804 is in)

SLIM-OR SCALA is proud to announce Jennifer Railsback Klump as our next lunchtime speaker. Jennifer (an Emporia grad) is the “Education Resource Advisor” at the Northwest Regional Education Laboratory (NWREL). NWREL is one of a network of regional education laboratories created in the early 1960s as a federally funded link between research and development efforts in education and school districts. Jennifer’s job is to provide reference service to educators, researchers and the general public on current educational issues, research, policy, or practice.

I hope people will be able to make it to talk to Jennifer. She has an fascinating job (once again demonstrating the wide range of contexts that librarians work in) and will be able to provide an interesting perspective on both reference work and our educational system.

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Seeking a new SLIM-OR SCALA Webmaster

Sorry for the dearth of updates recently. Unfortunately, Laureen Burger, the SLIM-OR SCALA Web Master, is leaving the SLIM program and won’t be able to continue in her role. While this is definitely a loss for the SLIM program, it does present an opportunity for someone else to get involved. This is a great chance to both support your fellow students and to get some experience in a professional organization (and build up your library resume.)
Here’s the position description:
The Web Manager is responsible for design, maintenance and upkeep of
the SLIM-OR SCALA web presence, including the blog, the internal
collaboration wiki and any other web services SLIM-OR SCALA may use
(e.g. Flickr,, LibraryThing, etc.) While not primarily
responsible for web content, the web manager will work with the
Communications Officer and any other collaborators to facilitate the
production of regular content for the SLIM-OR SCALA Blog.
HTML wizardry is not necessary, though some knowledge of using blog services, etc. will be helpful. (Of course, if there is a web developer out there who wants to set up something more involved, that would be great as well.)
The board will be going over candidates at our next meeting on January 31st. If you wish to be considered we ask that you submit a short statement by that time letting us know a bit about yourself and why you would be good for the position.  (Send it to me at mbraunha[AT]emporia[DOT]edu.)

Thanks everybody. Look for information on some more SCALA activities
coming up soon!

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T-shirts are here!

Our T-Shirts have arrived!

If you ordered a shirt, please contact Amy (astanfor[AT]emporia[DOT]edu) to arrange delivery – she will be able to bring them in to class on the following weekends:

September 19-21
September 26-28
October 17-19

If you won’t be around one of those weekends, email Amy and we’ll work out another option.

Many thanks to Amy for spearheading and organizing this effort!

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Election Results

Thanks to everyone who showed up for our annual meeting and participated in the officer election. It was great to see an enthusiastic group of new (and returning) members and we have a great group of new officers to help lead us through the new year.

2008-09 officers will be:

  • President – Michael Braun Hamilton (OR8)
  • Vice President – Zoe Fisher (OR9)
  • Secretary – Pinn Crawford (OR8)
  • Treasurer – Shannon Mahoney (OR9)
  • Events Coordinator – Candise Branum (OR8)
  • Web Manager – Laureen Burger (OR9)
  • Communications Officer – Eura Ryan (OR9)

A big round of virtual applause to our new officers!

Sometime in the next few days I will be sending out a more comprehensive introduction to our SCALA group and outline some of what I hope to do in the upcoming year. I hope that all of you will be a part of making this organization a vital, fun, and useful part of the SLIM-OR program.


Michael Braun Hamilton

SLIM-OR SCALA President (elect)