SCALA Emporia Portland Meeting, July 27, 2019


  • Cramer Hall, Portland State University

Members Present

  • Forrest Johnson – President
  • Blake Kincaid – Vice President
  • Lynne Halladay – Secretary
  • Jonathan Ulrich – Treasurer
  • Keegan Spring – Event Coordination Committee
  • Amy Stewart – Event Coordination Committee
  • Jennifer Wells – Social Media Committee Chair

Reports from Officers & Committees

Event Coordination Committee

We are just having an informal get-together for Perri (so people should just show up)

  • Apex (1216 SE Division St)
    • August 11th, 2019
    • Time tbd?
      • If people can’t make it in person, consider donating a book instead
      • Jennifer is posting on OLA listserv about the event
      • Will also likely have a Facebook post about it
    • Are not making memory book as planned, but might have blank book for people to sign/write in

New Business

Passing on to Next Cohort
  • Who wants to stay on in position in SCALA next year?
    • Orientation August 10th
      • Jennifer, Blake, and Jordan? planning on talking to them about SCALA
    • Mentor style teaching for new SCALA members

SCALA Emporia Portland Meeting, June 15, 2019


  • Cramer Hall, Portland State University

Members Present

  • Forrest Johnson – President
  • Blake Kincaid – Vice President
  • Lynne Halladay – Secretary
  • Jonathan Ulrich – Treasurer
  • Keegan Spring – Event Coordination Committee
  • Amy Stewart – Event Coordination Committee
  • Jennifer Wells – Social Media Committee Chair

Reports from Officers & Committees

  • Still need to figure out date for Perri’s goodbye
    • Saturday August 24th or Friday August 23rd
  • Location still needs to be decided
    • Lucky Lab on Hawthorne
      • 60 people max in smaller room
      • Costs $150-$200
    • Old Town Pizza
      • Cost $10 per person at least 12 people minimum
  • Open up Doodle Pool to everyone?
    • At least the last two cohorts
    • Invite dean?
    • Find an alum?
    • Libsorg
  • Where did Perri want the books to go to?
    • Bring one book as cover charge/entry fee
  • Need to have time and place nailed down by the end of June.
  • RSVP so we have a general head count
    • Amy- booking place
    • Forrest- send libsorg
    • Blake- ask Perri which non-profit to donate books to
    • Jennifer- set time and date
    • Keegan and Lynne- big card and flowers/ gift ideas for Perri

SCALA Emporia Portland Meeting, March 30, 2019

Members Present: Lynne, Forrest, Blake, Amy, Johnathan, Jennifer, Christopher, Jordan

  • Talked about looking at Pathfinder and deciding if what is currently on there is okay for everyone or if there are any suggestions
    • Want to provide an option of structure for the next cohort in the fall
    • How SCALA will move into the next year, how involved we will be?
  • Idea of having a fundraiser event
    • Maybe use the money to fund a scholarship for Oregon cohort students?
    • Would need a faculty involved in the process if we did that
  • Plan a celebration for Perri (since she is retiring in August)
    • Perri doesn’t want it to be all about her/have her as the cause
    • Thinking maybe donations
      • 2 possible locations: Lagunitas Bar or Lucky Lab
      • Want to have either just donations or a one-time fee
      • Would be during a weekend, probably a class weekend?
      • Have some fun activities
      • Maybe ask people to bring/ tell stories about Perri
        • Would have to get her permission for this first

SCALA Emporia Portland Meeting, February 2, 2019

Members Present: Alyssa Collins, Jennifer Wells, Forrest Johnson, Blake Kincaid, Lynne Halladay, Amy Stewart, Johnathan Ulrich, Keegan Spring

  • What do we have time the time/capacity to do this semester?
    • Forrest had concerns about 804 class
    • Asking if Michael (professor) could put together a back-of-the-office panel during class weekend
  • Encourage more students to submit photos/write ups about their experiences related to libraries/library conferences for the SCALA website
  • Ideas for events to do
    • Trivia and/or drinks after class on Saturday
      • Post announcements about them to the Facebook page about a month in advance
    • Merchandise to raise money for SCALA
      • T-shirts
      • Stickers
      • Taglines
  • We are just going to start with Happy Hours this semester
  • Want to define job titles for current and future SCALA members
    • Right now everything is vague
    • Reach out to current and past members to ask for advice about what each role should be
  • Plan to have SCALA meeting every class Saturday

SCALA Emporia Portland Meeting November 3, 2018

Tour of makerspaces in Oregon

  • 2 possible locations (Hillsboro and Rockwood) also Maker Librarian in Vancouver, WA
  • Before New Years
    • Tentative date set for December 14th/15th
    • Planning on inviting others once date is set and we find out how many people are allowed to go at once
  • Possibly live stream the Maker’s Tour for people who can’t be there?
  • Talked about staff turnover with Maker Spaces
  • Where are the Maker spaces, how close together are they?
    • Google Doc to address these questions
    • Stick with public libraries for now
    • OMSI Maker Fair, OSU craft shop

Possible fundraiser event

  • Lagunitas community room (237 NE BROADWAY, SUITE 300, PORTLAND, OR 97232), a nonprofit group who wants to help people fundraise
    • We could charge for tickets, alcohol
    • Would need to do outreach
    • Possibly have trivia

SCALA Emporia Portland Meeting September 22, 2018


  • Talked about previous cohort experiences
    • Portland Children’s Book bank, Trivia Night, Panel (public service, advocacy, professional development, résumé/mock interview)
  • Survey to see which events we want to do
    • Event times are voted on, usu. During class weekend
  • Possible events
    • Fundraiser- alumni, program or more open?
      • Contribute money for burned library in Brazil
    • State Library tour/walk-through
      • Salem or Olympia?
      • Coordinate with someone there
    • SCALA bar event
    • Libserve for SCALA
    • Maker’s space crawl around the state
      • Hillsboro
      • Rockwood
      • Corvallis
    • Virtual tour/webinar (themed)
      • Local writer
      • Library panel (academic)
    • Volunteer event
      • Send ideas to Elliot
    • Network Happy Hour

SCALA Emporia Portland Meeting December 1, 2018

Sunday December 16th – Maker’s Tour
Rockwood- 3pm
Hillsboro- 5pm

  • Working on time for Vancouver
    Need to still ask about recording the tour
  • Make sign up form
  • SCALA Facebook post
    Not using social media right now, want to incorporate Facebook
  • Have Perri email everyone about event for head count
    We have a SCALA blog, could be landing page for us for events
    Facebook Live/Blog post about the tour

Still need to work out travel details/carpooling

2018-2019 Officers

Congratulations to this school year’s SCALA officers!

President: Elliot Stapleton

Vice Presidents: Blake Kincaid and Forrest Johnson

Secretary: Lynne Halladay

Treasurers: Christopher Melton and Jonathan Ulrich

Event Coordination Committee: Amy Stewart, Keegan Spring, Laura Connealy

Social Media Committee: Jennifer Wells (chair), Alyssa Collins and Barbara Fischer (website)

2018 Emporia State University SLIM Graduating Class

#1 ESU SLIM 2017 Cohorts Graduation Pic

Top (back) row from left to right– Devon Bergeron, Esther Zen-Zele, Celeste Bennett, Shaleigh Westphall, Lynne Stahl, Katie Patterson, Sylvia Podwika, Alexander Halpern, Katlyn Lachesis Temple, Kelley Mitchell, Robert Kohl, and Windy Barrett.

Second row form left to right- Jennifer Belle, Barbara Fischer, Carina Bernard, Rebecca Lazan, Jaime Bogdash, Jessiemarie Duplessis, and Nicholas Alden.

Front row from left to right- Susan O’Connor, Malia Cumming, and Jessica Marian Talisman.

Graduates not pictured- Rachel Fellman, Sean Gaston, Twila Johnson-Tate, Sheila Shapiro, Steven Valdez.

Also present- Dr. Wooseob Jeong, Dean, School of Library & Information Management, Emporia State University, and Pierina Parise, Director, Oregon Emporia State University MLS School of Library and Information Management (SLIM).

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