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OR-10 Has Graduated!

Top Row (l-r): Jonathan Thomas, Serenity Ibsen, Turner Masland, Robert Schwieger, Laurisa Stubblefield, Melissa Endicott, Marta Murvosh, Nyssa Walsh, Conner Bevis.

Second Row (l-r): Bronwyn Dorhofer, Emily Stockdale, Lora Leligdon, Stephanie Milbrodt, Heidi Hackenjos, Leah Biado, Elizabeth Edleman.

Third Row (l-r): Elizabeth Schmidt, Tyrene Bada, Amber Slaven, Chris Huff, Jennifer Keyser, Amber Bell, LeGrand Olsen.

Front Row (l-r): Juana Diego, Megan Foidel, Elizabeth Lips, Kristy Kemper Hodge, Rebecca Chernay, Ellen Ast, Zach Selley, Kirsten Himes.

Photo via Ellen Ast

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As you can see, there are some photos showing up in the sidebar of this blog. If anyone out there has any SLIM-OR related photos that should show up, we want them. If you are a user, you can just add the photos to the “esuscalaor” Flickr group and they should show up. If not, e-mail them to me (mbraunha at emporia) and I’ll put them up.

Hope everybody is having a good break,

– Michael