SCALA Emporia Portland Meeting, July 27, 2019


  • Cramer Hall, Portland State University

Members Present

  • Forrest Johnson – President
  • Blake Kincaid – Vice President
  • Lynne Halladay – Secretary
  • Jonathan Ulrich – Treasurer
  • Keegan Spring – Event Coordination Committee
  • Amy Stewart – Event Coordination Committee
  • Jennifer Wells – Social Media Committee Chair

Reports from Officers & Committees

Event Coordination Committee

We are just having an informal get-together for Perri (so people should just show up)

  • Apex (1216 SE Division St)
    • August 11th, 2019
    • Time tbd?
      • If people can’t make it in person, consider donating a book instead
      • Jennifer is posting on OLA listserv about the event
      • Will also likely have a Facebook post about it
    • Are not making memory book as planned, but might have blank book for people to sign/write in

New Business

Passing on to Next Cohort
  • Who wants to stay on in position in SCALA next year?
    • Orientation August 10th
      • Jennifer, Blake, and Jordan? planning on talking to them about SCALA
    • Mentor style teaching for new SCALA members

SCALA Emporia Portland Meeting, June 15, 2019


  • Cramer Hall, Portland State University

Members Present

  • Forrest Johnson – President
  • Blake Kincaid – Vice President
  • Lynne Halladay – Secretary
  • Jonathan Ulrich – Treasurer
  • Keegan Spring – Event Coordination Committee
  • Amy Stewart – Event Coordination Committee
  • Jennifer Wells – Social Media Committee Chair

Reports from Officers & Committees

  • Still need to figure out date for Perri’s goodbye
    • Saturday August 24th or Friday August 23rd
  • Location still needs to be decided
    • Lucky Lab on Hawthorne
      • 60 people max in smaller room
      • Costs $150-$200
    • Old Town Pizza
      • Cost $10 per person at least 12 people minimum
  • Open up Doodle Pool to everyone?
    • At least the last two cohorts
    • Invite dean?
    • Find an alum?
    • Libsorg
  • Where did Perri want the books to go to?
    • Bring one book as cover charge/entry fee
  • Need to have time and place nailed down by the end of June.
  • RSVP so we have a general head count
    • Amy- booking place
    • Forrest- send libsorg
    • Blake- ask Perri which non-profit to donate books to
    • Jennifer- set time and date
    • Keegan and Lynne- big card and flowers/ gift ideas for Perri

SCALA Emporia Portland Meeting, March 30, 2019

Members Present: Lynne, Forrest, Blake, Amy, Johnathan, Jennifer, Christopher, Jordan

  • Talked about looking at Pathfinder and deciding if what is currently on there is okay for everyone or if there are any suggestions
    • Want to provide an option of structure for the next cohort in the fall
    • How SCALA will move into the next year, how involved we will be?
  • Idea of having a fundraiser event
    • Maybe use the money to fund a scholarship for Oregon cohort students?
    • Would need a faculty involved in the process if we did that
  • Plan a celebration for Perri (since she is retiring in August)
    • Perri doesn’t want it to be all about her/have her as the cause
    • Thinking maybe donations
      • 2 possible locations: Lagunitas Bar or Lucky Lab
      • Want to have either just donations or a one-time fee
      • Would be during a weekend, probably a class weekend?
      • Have some fun activities
      • Maybe ask people to bring/ tell stories about Perri
        • Would have to get her permission for this first

SCALA Emporia Portland Meeting, February 2, 2019

Members Present: Alyssa Collins, Jennifer Wells, Forrest Johnson, Blake Kincaid, Lynne Halladay, Amy Stewart, Johnathan Ulrich, Keegan Spring

  • What do we have time the time/capacity to do this semester?
    • Forrest had concerns about 804 class
    • Asking if Michael (professor) could put together a back-of-the-office panel during class weekend
  • Encourage more students to submit photos/write ups about their experiences related to libraries/library conferences for the SCALA website
  • Ideas for events to do
    • Trivia and/or drinks after class on Saturday
      • Post announcements about them to the Facebook page about a month in advance
    • Merchandise to raise money for SCALA
      • T-shirts
      • Stickers
      • Taglines
  • We are just going to start with Happy Hours this semester
  • Want to define job titles for current and future SCALA members
    • Right now everything is vague
    • Reach out to current and past members to ask for advice about what each role should be
  • Plan to have SCALA meeting every class Saturday

SCALA Emporia Portland Meeting November 3, 2018

Tour of makerspaces in Oregon

  • 2 possible locations (Hillsboro and Rockwood) also Maker Librarian in Vancouver, WA
  • Before New Years
    • Tentative date set for December 14th/15th
    • Planning on inviting others once date is set and we find out how many people are allowed to go at once
  • Possibly live stream the Maker’s Tour for people who can’t be there?
  • Talked about staff turnover with Maker Spaces
  • Where are the Maker spaces, how close together are they?
    • Google Doc to address these questions
    • Stick with public libraries for now
    • OMSI Maker Fair, OSU craft shop

Possible fundraiser event

  • Lagunitas community room (237 NE BROADWAY, SUITE 300, PORTLAND, OR 97232), a nonprofit group who wants to help people fundraise
    • We could charge for tickets, alcohol
    • Would need to do outreach
    • Possibly have trivia

SCALA Emporia Portland Meeting September 22, 2018


  • Talked about previous cohort experiences
    • Portland Children’s Book bank, Trivia Night, Panel (public service, advocacy, professional development, résumé/mock interview)
  • Survey to see which events we want to do
    • Event times are voted on, usu. During class weekend
  • Possible events
    • Fundraiser- alumni, program or more open?
      • Contribute money for burned library in Brazil
    • State Library tour/walk-through
      • Salem or Olympia?
      • Coordinate with someone there
    • SCALA bar event
    • Libserve for SCALA
    • Maker’s space crawl around the state
      • Hillsboro
      • Rockwood
      • Corvallis
    • Virtual tour/webinar (themed)
      • Local writer
      • Library panel (academic)
    • Volunteer event
      • Send ideas to Elliot
    • Network Happy Hour

SCALA Emporia Portland Meeting December 1, 2018

Sunday December 16th – Maker’s Tour
Rockwood- 3pm
Hillsboro- 5pm

  • Working on time for Vancouver
    Need to still ask about recording the tour
  • Make sign up form
  • SCALA Facebook post
    Not using social media right now, want to incorporate Facebook
  • Have Perri email everyone about event for head count
    We have a SCALA blog, could be landing page for us for events
    Facebook Live/Blog post about the tour

Still need to work out travel details/carpooling

2018-2019 Officers

Congratulations to this school year’s SCALA officers!

President: Elliot Stapleton

Vice Presidents: Blake Kincaid and Forrest Johnson

Secretary: Lynne Halladay

Treasurers: Christopher Melton and Jonathan Ulrich

Event Coordination Committee: Amy Stewart, Keegan Spring, Laura Connealy

Social Media Committee: Jennifer Wells (chair), Alyssa Collins and Barbara Fischer (website)

SCALA Emporia Portland meeting 3/18/2017

SCALA Meeting Notes – Saturday, March 18, 2017

In attendance: Carina Bernard, Cassandra Dunn, Jessie Duplessis, Rachel Fellman, Barbara Fischer, Sean Gaston, Alex Halpern, Katie Patterson, Sylvia Podwika, Lynne Stahl, Kat Temple, and Esther ZenZele.

Funds: $144

Meeting with Candace Morgan on Intellectual Freedom- 4/1/2017

Katie would like to do the meeting on Facebook Live – people could watch it after the fact and could type questions – seems like there are some technical details to work out

Does anyone have a webcam separate from the one built into their computer for the event?

Do the survey! Perri will email it again.

Trivia Night!!

John Forshew’s work will be a drop off spot for book donations – Starbucks at 1972 W Burnside

Suggestion of us each donating $5 for a GC to Powell’s if we don’t get enough prizes

Devon did the logos – we voted on a design and it will be sent out shortly for us to share on social media

Please send Alex questions for the trivia night – Esther will start an email thread

Jessie gave us coupons for New Renaissance to give as consolation prizes

Sylvia knows the owner of Laurelwood and will talk to her about prizes

When we meet for the next class meeting Katie will bring us printed posters for advertising. She’s printing 75 big posters and 375 photo size fliers. Please ask permission before you post and definitely post in libraries!

SCALA Emporia Portland Meeting 2/25/2017

SCALA Meeting Notes – Saturday, February 25, 2017

In attendance: Celeste Bennett, Carina Bernard, Cassandra Dunn, Jessie Duplessis, Rachel Fellman, Barbara Fischer, John Forshew, Sean Gaston, Alex Halpern, Katie Patterson, Sheila Shapiro, Lynne Stahl, Kat Temple, and Esther ZenZele.

Funds: $144

Book Drive/Trivia Night Saturday April 15th 7-9 PM

Location: Black Water Bar 835 NE Broadway St, Portland, OR 97232

Donation Drop-off: Hair of the Dog 1211 NE Alberta St, Portland, OR 97211 (Katie’s work)

Esther’s concerned about prizes and wants people to be thinking about it and looking for resources

Jessie can get coupons from New Renaissance for consolation prize and possibly a gift certificate from the café she used to manage.

KBOO promotion was discussed, we need update from Sylvia

Flier needs to be worked on by Shaleigh and/or Devon once all the details are finalized

April 1st will be kick off for donations at drop site(s)

Kat + Alex will write questions; categories discussed were “current events”, “pop culture” and “Portland” – please forward them any ideas you have for questions and/or categories

Intellectual Freedom Seminar

The SCALA chapter in Emporia wanted to know if we would be interested in attending a seminar discussing Intellectual Freedom

It would probably be via Zoom or the like, but the person who will be presenting is local, so we might be able to see it IRL

We’ll get an update when there’s more information available.

Google Group Creation

We discussed creating a google group for communication (UPDATE: I went ahead and did it)

Future Meetings

Discussed possibly meeting via Zoom after our in-person classes end

Other Projects

Alex offered to draft a letter of support and will post it to the Dropbox for review

Esther curios if we are interested in going to conferences or participating in events and writing blog posts about our experience

Possible trivia night during banned books week in Sept was discussed

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