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Volunteer report

Recently, Erica Findley shared some ideas on how to get library experience when you have never worked in a library. I, too was worried about how I would get a library job without any library background.

I am here to tell you that volunteering is a great way to get seasoned in the library world! Since the beginning of this year I have been helping the Jackson Middle School library in SW Portland transition to a new cataloging system. My job is to find and import bibliographic records for books that don’t have one.

So how has working at the Jackson library helped me to be a better prospective librarian?

-Actually doing cataloging hands-one made my cataloging class (LI814, Organizing Information) a lot more immediate and understandable

-You get to make valuable professional contacts

-It’s a great way to help people! Jackson’s library does not have the funding to pay someone to do the
detailed work that I do

-It can broaden your professional portfolio

There are all kinds of volunteer opportunities out there! It’s really worth it to find one that
fits you.

By Gordon Turner,  SLIM-OR SCALA Vice-President

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Sign up to volunteer at the OLA/WLA Joint conference!

OK – as most of you know, SLIM-OR SCALA will be staffing the registration desk registration for the conference. Please take a look below and see if there’s some time you can help out. Thanks!To sign up for one of the open slots, just leave a message in the comments. We’ll update the post and add your name in. If all the slots are full during the times you can help, let us know – we may be able to find something else you can help with.

OLA/WLA Joint Conference April 16-18, 2008

Hilton Vancouver Hotel in Vancouver, WAMore information on the conference:

3/21/08 – THE VOLUNTEER SIGN UP IS NOW CLOSED. Please send an e-mail to ejohnso3 [at] emporia [dot] edu if you have any questions or changes to your schedules.  We will be following up with you on 3/21/08 via e-mail to confirm the times you have signed up for.

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Help PPS

Here’s a wonderful opportunity to get some experience with cataloging and help out Portland Public Schools!

Portland Public Schools librarians could use your help. Many of us have books in our back rooms that need the holdings to be entered into our catalog. We also just received a large donation of books from Powell’s that need to be entered. It would give you a little experience using the Innovative system. The librarian in the professional library has offered to give a training session for any interested volunteers. The books would also need processing (spine labels, stamping etc.) which I can show you how to do. I will probably start you off in my library and then if you are still hungry for more, I will send out a message to other librarians in PPS. It really is a great opportunity to make some overworked librarians very grateful, get books into the hands of kids, and learn a little about how Innovative works. No original cataloging, I promise!! :)If interested or if you would like more info, contact Stacey Kobe at skobe[at]pps[dot]k12[dot]or[dot]us (email obscured to foil spambots – you can figure it out). Please include contact info and days/hours available so that I can set up a training time that would accommodate the most people.Thanks!
Stacey Kobe


The training will be held on Friday, Nov. 2nd at 2:00 at the BESC, 501 N Dixon. It should last no more than 2 hours. Still interested in attending, but have not yet signed up? Please contact Stacey Kobe at skobe[at]pps[dot]k12[dot]or[dot]us before Friday (November 2, 2007) so that we are sure to have enough training materials.

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OLA Annual conference 2007

Hi All.

Just a brief update–

It’s about time to declare your intent to volunteer at OLA 2007. If you think you’re going to be interested in volunteering leave a comment here or let one of the steering committee members know.

Right now they have the most need for assistance with registration, which is actually kind of fun and puts you in a great position to meet a lot of people!

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StreamNet library

Where: StreamNet Library, Portland, OR

What: Just got a big donation and is behind on their cataloging

When: ongoing (to be arranged)

“The StreamNet Library serves the scientific community of the Pacific Northwest and those working in cooperation with the region’s fish and wildlife recovery efforts, who are not otherwise served by a specialized library. We also serve the General Public who are interested in the issues surrounding the Columbia Basin and Salmon Recovery Efforts. The Library offers research assistance, interlibrary lending and borrowing, document delivery and other library services. ”
(from )

StreamNet could use some help with their cataloging. They recently received over a hundred
boxes from a consultant/researcher’s perxonal collection and can use all the help they can get!
It would be some great real world experience for a student!

They are also creating a virtual library and archiving old documents.
If you want to get in on a big project contact them!
They frequently have volunteer positions posted on their website,
check em out!

If you are interested please contact the library directly!

StreamNet Library
729 N.E. Oregon St.
Suite 190
Portland, OR
503-238-3558 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting            503-238-3558      end_of_the_skype_highlighting

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Volunteer Opportunity at ODOT library

Where: Oregon Department of Transportation library in Salem

What: Continue indexing an historic photo collection started by an OR-6 student.
Or cataloging research reports…and much more.

When: Ongoing (would like at least a semester’s commitment)

Who: Laura Wilt ODOT librarian and Emporia grad!


Another project for those interested in cataloging — they have
recently acquired our Research Dept’s collection of research reports
from other states which need to be cataloged. It won’t require much, if any,
original cataloging — but lots of experience in copy cataloging from OCLC!
They do have a data bridge that imports the MARC record into the catalog
– it requires only a bit of editing, so it goes fairly quickly.
But there are lots of them….

They also have a History Center that serves as
a repository for historic photos, correspondence, etc. An OR-6 student
worked on both an indexing and a database project with a group of the photos.
They would be thrilled to have that work continued.

And they have many (many!) other opportunities for
indexing, cataloging, etc……

If you are interested please contact Laura Wilt directly.

Laura Wilt
Oregon Dept. of Transportation Library
355 Capitol St NE, Rm 22
Salem, OR 97301-3871
503-986-3280 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting            503-986-3280      end_of_the_skype_highlighting

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Volunteer Opportunity at Oregon Zoo

Where: Oregon Zoo

What: Help out at the zoo library which has a professionally cataloged
Animal Management library!

When: ongoing or project-based. To be determined.

Who: Karen Lewis, the Conservation Research Assistant


The Zoo actually has 2 libraries. One in the Volunteer Division, run completely by volunteers, and aimed mainly at lay people, and the Conservation Division Library (aka Animal Mgmt Lib). They subscribe to several journals, a few different sets of conference proceedings, & have ~1,500 titles in the collection including some videos. Most are higher level reference texts and focus on animal care and husbandry, natural history, reproduction, vet, wildlife conservation and animal welfare.
FYI, they do not have a librarian on staff, although they benefit greatly from the efforts of several volunteer librarians.
They can use cataloging assistance.
(Mostly copy cataloging using Spectrum cataloging software and Marcive but some original cataloging.)

Other projects include:
developing a system for getting word out to Zoo employees about newly catalogued titles and articles in current journals,
cataloguing our video tape collection,
completing a shelf check that a volunteer started last year,
sorting out the overlap in the catalogue between the vol. lib. and ours, and once that’s understood, develop & implement a plan for resolving it (separate, integrate with location codes, or ??).

They are also open to suggestions so if someone has something they’d like to do, feel free to suggest it & they’ll consider it.