Event Coordination Committee

Position Description (Chair):

The Event Coordination Committee Chair is responsible for appointing and organizing committees to plan and create OR SCALA social events. The
Event Coordination Committee Chair will work in tandem with the other board members and with any established committees to ensure the execution of SCALA hosted events, delegating various responsibilities and ensuring tasks are met. (See other position descriptions)

(Last Updated 4/30/2019)

Useful Resources:

  • Academic Calendar
    • Emporia State University calendar by term, showing up to three years from current year.
  • Doodle
    • Free online schedule planner.
  • Google Forms
    • This can be used to conduct polls or gather information.
  • Trello
    • Free online project management platform that can be useful in planning larger events.
SCALA Events
  • Past Conferences
    • Posts related to past conferences, including experiences and announcements.
  • Past Tours
    • Posts related to past tours SCALA has 0rganized.

Places Toured (blue)

  • Links show blog posts related to the location.
  1. Central Library (Multnomah County)
  2. City of Portland Archives
  3. Fort Vancouver Community Library
  4. Hillsboro Brockwood Library
  5. Multnomah County Rockwood Branch Library
  6. Oregon Historical Society
  7. Valley Library (Oregon State University)
  8. Pacific Northwest College of the Arts
  9. Portland State University Library
  10. Seattle Public Library
  11. Washington Talking Books & Braille Library

Meeting Places (pink)

  • Smaller spaces for shorter periods of time; links show blog posts related to the location.
  1. Black Water Bar
  2. Claudia’s Sports Pub & Grill
  3. Ground Kontrol
  4. Huber’s Cafe
  5. Rogue Hall

Venues (purple)

  • Larger spaces for longer periods of time; links show blog posts related to the location.
  1. Lucky Labrador Brew Pub
  2. Q Center

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