Position Description:

The Secretary shall have overall responsibility for all record keeping. The Secretary shall perform, or cause to be performed, the following duties: (a) official recording of the minutes of all proceedings of SCALA Oregon and members’ meetings and actions; (b) provision of notice of all meetings of SCALA Oregon; (c) maintaining current and accurate membership lists; (e) and any other duties as may be prescribed by SCALA Oregon. The secretary will work with the Social Media Committee Chair to post meeting minutes to the WordPress blog in a timely manner. (See other position descriptions)

(Last Updated 5/02/2019)

Useful Resources:

  • Meeting Minutes Template
    • Templates for future blog posts and pages are saved as drafts and labeled, “[TEMPLATE]” at the beginning of the title. This template is in the post drafts. You may need to toggle to “Everyone” to view. To use this, click the menu next to a draft and select, “copy,” then fill in with new content. Don’t forget to select the “Meeting Minutes” category before publishing.
(Last Updated 5/5/2019)

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