Social Media Committee

Position Description (Chair):

The Social Media Committee Chair will be responsible for maintaining the SCALA Oregon WordPress blog and any other social media platforms deemed appropriate by SCALA Oregon, as well as maintaining a master list of all online passwords. This position is responsible for delegating social media responsibilities among the rest of the Social Media Committee, and ensuring that all public content aligns with respective Best Practices and Style for each platform (guides which this position will keep up-to-date as new media trends evolve.) The Social Media Committee Chair will also ensure there are opportunities for SCALA Oregon members to publish original online content to further their professional development. (See other position descriptions)

(Last Updated 5/5/2019)

Useful Resources:

  • How to Write a Blog Post
    • Guide written by a small online marketing firm that clearly explains the basics of writing for the web. (August 24, 2018)
  • Post vs Page
    • WordPress help page explaining the differences between posts and pages. See Best Practices & Style for guidance on how to best use them on the blog.
  • Blocks
    • WordPress help page on using the block system to create posts and pages.
  • Page Jumps
    • Guide from WordPress to adding page jump IDs for improved site navigation. This involves adding a small amount of text to the html of a block.
  • Templates
    • Templates for future blog posts and pages are saved as drafts and labeled, “[TEMPLATE]” at the beginning of the title.
      You may need to toggle to “Everyone” to view. To use these, click the menu next to a draft and select, “copy,” then fill in with new content.
(Last updated 5/4/2019)
  • Gmail
    • This email account is listed on the WordPress blog’s Contact Us page and should be checked regularly. It can be forwarded to another email address for convenience.
  • YouTube
    • This is where video clips can be hosted to embed on other platforms.
  • Getting Verified
    • Instagram help page explaining the verification process (blue check)
  • TweetDeck
    • Web-based platform to post and monitor Twitter activity in an array of columns, including notifications, messages, posts from members of lists, and hashtags.
  • Giphy
    • This website lets you create animate GIF files from video or a series of images. It includes decorating features like animated captions, stickers, drawing and filters. GIFs can be saved and organized by tags on an account. You can also search a vast library of GIFs to download and share. Keep in mind copyright restrictions when using.

Other Platforms & Tools
  • Discord
    • Free online text and voice chat client originally designed for gamers, but useful for any group communication. A SCALA server can be created, with channels (similar to old-school chat rooms) set up for different topics.
  • Slack
    • Free online text, voice, and video chat client used primarily in office settings.
  • Canva
    • Free online design and publishing tool. Has templates to help create graphics for social media platforms.
  • Pinterest
    • Free online bookmarking tool that could be useful in curating ideas for future SCALA Oregon ventures. Can be linked to a Google account.
  • Snapchat
    • While SCALA Oregon does not currently have a Snapchat account, the platform is gaining popularity among brands and could potentially be used in the future.

(Last Updated 7/28/2019)

  • Creative Commons
    • Homepage for the Creative Commons license, including a content search engine.

Scholarly Works on Social Media & Librarianship

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