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January 2017 SCALA Portland Emporia Meeting

SCALA Portland Emporia group members get together on a Saturday to work on upcoming SCALA events for 2017:

Preservation Week, April 23-29 Archive Week in November, Library Week – April 9-15; the theme “Libraries Transform,” Banned Books Week, September 24-30, and Home Movie Day, October 22.

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Oregon Library Association 2017 Conference

Oregon’s Library Association (OLA) 2017 Conference will be held April 19-22, 2017, in Salem, Oregon. This year’s OLA theme is “Thriving Together.” The inspiration for this came about as a way to honor the inclusion of our friends and members at the Oregon Association of School Libraries by expanding this year’s conference with an additional Saturday program, which the OLA hopes everyone will enjoy. for more information .





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4/24 Oregon SCALA Meeting Minutes

Meeting Minutes
Oregon SCALA Prom
Portland State University, Rm. 160
Members Present:

Jennifer Rogers, Haylee Kai, Anne Keech, Mindy Nichols, Amanda Kundert, Sylvie Huhn, Amanda Woods, Gabby, Gary

  • How many tables?
  • Amanda will be the DJ, find out what the Q center has for music—has lots of music but let her know if there is anything that we want specifically
  • Social Media the crap out of this! – Facebook promote it- if it’s not too expensive.
  • Hand out the hand bills!
  • Tripod- Amanda will bring
  • Get there at 6 to set up
  • Checking if the caterer brings plates etc…
  • Doodle for next meetings
  • Gary will post to LibsOR
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SCALA Meeting Minutes 3/20

  • Meeting Minutes
    Oregon SCALA Prom
    Portland State University Library, Room 160
    March 20th, 2015

    Members Present
    Jennifer Rogers, Haylee Kai, Anne Keech, Mindy Nichols, Amanda Woods, Sylvie Huhn, Amanda Kundert, Aaron Novinger,

    Discussion Topics

  • $10 ticket sales prices $15 at the door—sponsor ticket—event bright
  • Hold off on doing food stuff until about a month before to gage numbers, and see where the interest is at, around mid-April—Sharalyn and to work on food
  • Put out on LIBS-OR— to draw in people outside of SCALA
  • Anne and Haylee work together to discuss the trivia night
  • Haylee and Sylvie will work on marketing materials
  • Charging for alcohol—Hefe and IPA
  • Johnathan—from PSU library with OLCC license—Anne’s connection
  • Amanda– doing the music – when people buy tickets add music – add to the facebook event
  • Tripod from Aaron and remote
  • Library checkout cards as the hand out papers for the
  • Yes on the centerpieces from Mindy – to borrow
  • April 10th at 5pm, SCALA prom meeting
  • Aaron has a cashbox
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SCALA Meeting Minutes 2/20/15

Meeting Minutes
Oregon SCALA
Portland State University Library, Room 160
February 20th, 2015

Members Present
Jennifer Rogers, Haylee Kai, Anne Keech, Mindy Nichols, Amanda Woods, Sylvie Huhn, and Amanda Kundert

Discussion Topics

  • Library Prom

– SCALA colors: blue and silver

-Perri has some decorations and things that are these colors

-Mindy is looking into reusing table centerpieces from her wedding that are also these colors

– Mindy’s fiancé used to DJ for school dances, will ask him if he is willing

– Amanda K- DJ Dirty Molly, will also ask her

-Set up a Google Doc request for songs at the dance

-Nicole’s mom is making cookies she decorates them with designs: book worms, books etc…

  • Financing and Fundraising

-Jennifer and Nicole are going to the Mississippi Business Association to feel out donations

-cost of venue is $330 with the library photo booth

-charge for beer

-Nicole sent out an e-mail with about the beverages

-Haylee will research wine options, one case of red, one case of white

-Pony of cider- see if anyone we know has OLCC license and will do it for free or cheap

– Trivia Night- set up an event, invite everyone, In Other Words, Base Camp Brewery what would this look like?

– What about t-shirt? Amanda K has connections in this. Would pre-orders work?

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Prom Committee Minutes 1/11/15

Review of Prom Survey

-Acknowledge the OCLC requirements for an event
-Acknowledge the idea of eventually using it to fund other avenues of fund raising

Q Center and Prom Ideas

– The costs are less than we were anticipating
-Remember working with us, and would love to work with us again
– Sending out a survey to the library community to pick a theme- us libsor
– OLA is in mid-April
-Marketing committee to solicit ideas for themes and how to implement
-May 16th as a possible date, people won’t have homework- we have decided this from 7-10
– Photo booth situation
– Okay with alcohol and outside food, catered or homemade
– have to be involved in set up clean up- ask about the time frame for those


– $50 for the form
– Hire OLCC certified server
– 2 “substantial” items if serving wine and beer, 3 options if serving hard alcohol. Substantial+ main dish like pizza or sandwiches
– Using the middle-eastern food, same place as before


– possible DJ benefits- cheaper, quieter, different music
– get people to submit songs, we play on it on a device, and mix it ourselves, Q center has a music center to play from
– Semi-formal to formal
-Take turns doing photo booth
– Think about who we know, and what we can do for non-profit
– costs, waiting until we get full costs to provide the cost of tickets
-Letter press printing or post cards or posters- Anne
– Fake tattoos as a party favor- Amanda W

Committee Structure

– Bake Sale, Post Cards
– Marketing – create posters, coordinate effort, set up Facebook Group (Amanda W, Gary, Amanda K)
– Fundraising (Powell’s)- restaurants for food- t-shirts (Amanda, Jennifer)
– Food/ Beverage Committee- find out who we are working with, get and bring kegs, get cups and plates and such ( Shaylyn, Gabby)
– Decoration/ Details Committee- (SCALA colors are Blue and Silver) (Anne, Haylee, Sylvie, Mindy)

Class Weekends for OR 14- Feb 27-28 and April 10-11