Upcoming EMPORIA S.C.A.L.A. Student and Alumni Social Event

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EMPORIA State University SCALA has a couple of events coming up that I wanted to make sure everyone was aware of.

First, there is a student and alumni social on Saturday, June 2nd from 5:00-8:00 at The Rookery Bar located at 1331 SW Broadway.  For those of you who have class that weekend, the bar is a short walk from PSU.

You can see all of the details and RSVP at the Facebook event here:


If you know of any students or alumni that you think might want to come, please invite them to attend!

The Joy of Books: Bookshelf Porn

From the website: “Porn for book lovers. A photo blog collection of all the best bookshelf photos from around the world for people who *heart* bookshelves.”

This new one is particularly good. Enjoy.


What We Love About Library School and Libraries, Part 2

Here are some more responses about why SLIMsters love library school and libraries.

“Even the most boring classes are made fun because I am making so many new friends.  To learn with them is an inspiration, and anyone who will work with them will have a great time.  And – I have had the most exciting class last weekend.  We learned how to repair books!”

-Tyrene Bada (OR 10)

“Library school has confirmed my faith in my desired profession. Everything seems to be changing, but the ambiguity that we live in feels charged with energy and creativity. Everyone I have interacted with as a student – from classmates and instructors to professionals in the field – has allowed for an amazing exchange of ideas, making me believe that every thing is going to be okay.”

-J. Turner Masland (Blogger extraordinaire of Dewey’s Not Dead, OR 10)

“I love libraries.

When I walk through the aisles of books, I can’t help but think of all the different people who have

touched these books: who have stayed up late reading them in bed, who have learned something new,

who have read them to their children, who have contributed to the history of these books by borrowing

and returning them for others to enjoy.

I think about the child who says just one more chapter before bed. I think about the little boy who

scoffed at getting his own library card until I told him that with the card he can learn about anything he

wanted. “Even garbage trucks?” he asked. As I answered yes, he ran off calling his mom and shouting

excitedly that he was going to get a library card and learn about garbage trucks. I love the possibilities

that present themselves for readers and I love that I get to be a part of that.”

-Amy Relyea (SCALA Treasurer, OR 11)

What We Love About Library School and Libraries, Part 1

Valentine’s Day was Monday and it’s got me in the mood for love…of libraries. I want to make this a week of library love on the blog, so I asked the SCALA board and the current two cohorts what they love about library school and libraries. This is what they had to say:

“The smell of old books, the soft click of a mac book, and work worth waking up for.”

Rachel Arkoosh (SCALA Secretary, OR 11)

I love library school because not only am I learning but it gives me many opportunities to research, network, participate in conferences, practice innovation, be creative, and discover.  I love libraries because they represent the definition of community within education.”

-Kirsten Himes (SCALA Co-Vice President, OR 10)

“Library school has given me a direction in life. Every project I work on, every paper I write, every discussion I participate is guiding me in my career and helping me grow. I want to be a librarian because I love libraries. I love the opportunities the provide to people who might not have a lot of resources. I love the face on children when they find the book they want to read over and over again. Libraries are amazing community resources and I am glad to be a part of that.”

-Rebecca Chernay (SCALA Web Presence & Social Networking Coordinator, OR 10)

Ground Kontrol Get Together!

Sure, we all go to classes together and learn about libraries, knowledge management, the information transfer cycle, and so many other interesting areas of library and information science, but wouldn’t it be nice to get to know each other in a more laid back atmosphere? That’s why SCALA is hosting a get together at Ground Kontrol. Let’s play some games, beat each other at pinball, and get to know each other.

After OR-11’s class on October 23, we’ll be at Ground Kontrol from 7-10.

Please RSVP to amanda.margaret3@gmail.com. Or just show up. I’ll be there, getting another high score in Dr. Mario!

Ground Kontrol is located at 511 NW Couch in Chinatown. It’s right off of the green and yellow MAX lines. Please remember to bring your ID (no minors) and dollars for the change machine.

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