Multnomah County Library Central Branch Eco-Roof/Behind the Scenes Tour

Stephanie Miller of Multnomah County Library has generously donated her time to us so we can tour the eco-roof and see behind the scenes of the central branch. It should be a lot of fun and very informative. We’ll be there Sunday, October 17 at 10:30. The tour should wrap up around noon.

Want to check it out with us? RSVP to Amanda Meeks by October 13 by emailing her ( If you plan on coming, please include any questions you might have about the central branch or areas you are interested in learning more about.

The central branch is located at 801 S.W. 10th Avenue in downtown Portland. It’s near the blue and red MAX lines as well as the streetcar. We’ll be meeting out front.

MCL Volunteer Opportunity

Student Chapter of the

American Library Association

Where: Multnomah County Library

What: Help update their website!

When: To be completed by mid-December.

Who: An alumni from Emporia. She is a technical dynamo!


On Multnomah’s website, each subscription database has an associated

description file, a kind of more information/help page.

These files were originally written circa 1999, have not been

maintained, and didn’t age well because they weren’t designed to age

without maintenance.

MCL would like to have these files all updated and redesigned so that they will age

better, since MCL doesn’t have the resources to do frequent updating.

They need someone to help create a template and fill

it in for each subscription database. They are looking for 2-3 people

to work on this. No website skills necessary (BONUS: she is even willing to

add some web instruction in as the project unfolds, if you are interested.)

Must be comfortable with learning!!!

As a volunteer at MCL some paperwork is invovled. realtively painless.

They like to keep track of who is volunteering and how many hours.

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