Potluck to Kick Off Fall Term

Where: At Matt Stefanik’s house in Portland. For address and directions, email rblackmo (at) emporia (dot) edu.

When: Saturday 08-29-09 after class, beginning 6:30-7:00ish.

Why: Find out what your cohort did for their summer vacation! Meet the other cohort members in a non-bar setting! Sit, relax and enjoy Matt and SCALA’s hospitality.

What do I need to do?: Bring some food! Everyone should bring a main or side dish and whatever meaty or non-meaty thing they want on the grill. This is also a BYOB party, so bring what you like and be merry.

Bike-In Movie Night!

SCALA will be holding an outdoor movie night and pot luck this Sat, June 14, at 6 pm. Stacey Kobe from OR-7 has been awesome enough to host the party! She will be providing hot grills, a sweet backyard, and a projector to show a movie outside! We still haven’t decided what movie we will be screening, but it will be something library related.

Who: Emporia students, friends, loved ones, and pooches

What: SCALA social event – bike in movie and pot luck BBQ

When: Sat, June 14th at 6 pm – movie will screen at sun down

Where: Stacey Kobe’s house

549 N Jarrett St.

(right next to PCC Cascade)

If anyone has questions, please contact Annica Stivers – annicalara[AT]yahoo[DOT]com

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