SCALA is Selling T-shirts!


Help support SCALA by purchasing a t-shirt!

Do your friends question your commitment to librarianship? Prove them wrong by adorning yourself with this t-shirt bearing the visage of library icon Ranganathan:


(Thanks to Aaron Schmidt for the original idea and the permission to use it)

Cost: $10 for students and $12 for non-students. Shipping is an additional $5 (Though if you’re in the Portland area we can probably figure out some way to get it to you).

How to procure such merchandise? Simply email Eura at Be sure to tell her your size and color.

We are doing this by taking pre-orders and then ordering the shirts from the printer, so it may be a little while until you get them, but this also means you can choose whatever color you want. We plan to send off our order March 16th, so please let us know by then.

The printer uses American Apparel (wholesale catalog at or stuff distributed by Think Actionwear ( If you want something other than a basic t-shirt be aware that we will have to charge you the added cost of the garment and a slight surcharge for anything we have to order in quantities less than a dozen.

And remember library people: tell your friends and co-workers about this great offer! The proceeds from this sale will help our club put on more events and activities for you.

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