Meeting Minutes: January 29, 2011

SCALA meeting notes 1/29/11

Officers present:

Accounting issues:

$293 in SCALA bank account

Nyssa: Tshirt update
Preorders are a good idea
Email design to Amanda, talk to Judy about it, deadline mid February for getting
everything going.

Communications and other SCALA activities

Becca redesigning the blog, working with Turner about Twitter
Posting a theme for the blog, “Why we love libraries” or something along the V-day
Lots of followers on Twitter

Zine-probably not working out
Haiku hotties-connect with Rachel about details

SCALA events:

Library tours, OSU (only until Feb 11th), OHSU, maybe 1st weekend of March

Speaker during 804 weekend, maybe a representative of SLA, maybe an archivist,
Jenn looking into it.

May 7th, likely the best weekend
Library after dark as a theme

Red Fox, drink special, free to use
After/pre Prom party-Library student mixer as a possible fundraiser
Donation for public to get the drink special
Work with interlibrary lush
May 7th and May 21st, possibly weekend of May 7th

Rialto: capacity 60, expensive

Water heater: still waiting for a response, old warehouse converted in event venue/

artist space, with outdoor patio and restaurant/bar. Fremont and Miss.

Homeland gallery-Jenn

Migration brewery, set up early and use it for free? 60/patio space
Going to a bar is a good idea, save on money for alcohol/license

Contact Amber Slaven for DJ-Jenn

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