Meeting Minutes: November 25, 2008

(Online Meebo chatroom meeting)

Officers Present: Michael Braun Hamilton, Zoe Fisher, Pinn Crawford, Laureen Burger and Eura Ryan

1. Financial Report (Treasurer)

N/A: treasurer was not present at the meeting.

2. Shannon is leaving the program – we need a new treasurer

Informal decision (no votes online) to throw open the position to the general membership. Email to listserv and a blog post to get out the word. Once we have a volunteer(s), officers will vote on a new treasurer the next time we meet in person.

3. T-Shirt contest report (Eura)

Only 14 people have voted so far on the survey to choose a t-shirt design. Decision to leave the voting open until Friday, Dec 5. More details of printing, colors etc. to be worked out but general decision to use the pre-ordering system that we used last time to ensure that SLIM OR SCALA is not left out of pocket.

4. Blog

Laureen to write an event report for LeeAnne’s talk.

Haikus have so far gleaned no responses. L

Suggestion to put more text into announcements as well as the (beautiful) pdfs as people may not be opening them to read all the info.

Laureen and Zoe are confident that their updates tot eh blog are ready for consumption so Eura will get the word out that resources are new and updated.

Suggestion to solicit reports/photos/stories from the Mexico and Sofia trips from members for the blog.

5. Next speaker

Jennifer Klump (from NWREL) will be our next speaker. Michael will be contacting her.

We decided on January 31st as the date.

6. Tours

Reed college – proving hard to contact re: a tour. Some other contacts were offered to Michael to try and expedite the situation.

The Washington Talking Book and Braille Library – we will aim to organize a tour (mostly through Eura) for Feb 21st, 2009.

7. Events

Decision to not have a holiday party due to timing and stressing.

Candise to head up the prom committee. She will recruit other committee members and then work on a theme etc. Decision to make it open to all librarians we can find, not just SLIM students. Fundraising to be an early priority along with a venue.

Decision to hold a very informal gathering, no pressure, no major planning, like meet at a bar or go karaokeing on Dec 5 6th.

8. Next Meeting

January 31st after class.

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