Hello Everyone – SLIM-OR SCALA is having a t-shirt fundraiser to raise money for future SCALA projects.

The shirts will say:

SCALA t-shirt Design

The t-shirts are hand screen printed by a local artist and are available in a variety of sizes and colors. To help off set the initial cost of printing, we are taking pre-orders. Pre-ordered shirts will be $10 with your choice of size and color.

If you would like to purchase a t-shirt, you should email Amy Stanforth at astanfor[AT]emporia[DOT]edu.

Please support SCALA in our fundraiser and help us create a great student organization for future Emporia students!

Sizes available: Adult sm, m, lg, xlg, xxlg and Womens sm, m, lg, xlg

Colors available: The printing can be in Black or White. The shirts are available in a bunch of colors – see here. If you would like to order a color other than white, gray, or black, please be sure to specify the color title and number.

Let Amy know if you have any questions.

3 thoughts on “T-Shirts!”

  1. I’ve sent Amy two emails asking about the shirts, and heard nothing back.

    Do we get to choose the style of the shirt, or is the style already chosen (style being the actual type of shirt the screen print is done on). I’d really like to know what size I’m getting, and the only way to know is to look at the specifications for the chosen style on the Gildan website. S/M/L is too ambiguous. Someone please get back to me.


  2. I just heard back from Amy, so that part of my message is moot. However, if anyone is willing to tell me what style the printer is planning to use for this shirt, or if they could point me to the printer so I could ask myself, I would really appreciate it! Hope I don’t seem crazy picky, but I hardly ever buy anything and I really can’t afford to buy something that doesn’t fit me properly, especially while I’m not working and trying to pay for a wedding. Also, waste makes me depressio.

    au revoir!

  3. Amy would be the person to ask, but if we’re ordering shirts to get the colors anyway, I assume you could get whatever styles the manufacturer makes – see http://gildan.com/

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