Meeting Minutes: September 19, 2010

In Attendance: Turner Masland, Jenn Keyser, Thea Evenstade, Kristen Himes, Rachel Arkoosh, Amy Relyea, Nyssa Walsh, Becca Chernay, Amanda Meeks

Absent: N/A

SCALA Funds (Turner)

  • SCALA’s delinquent corporate taxes have been paid to the federal government. Perri will collect the remaining funds in the corporate bank account and close it.
  • Perri paid $150 in state taxes. She needs to be reimbursed. Suggested that Perri be paid back from funds left in corporate bank account.
  • Once all outstanding debts are settled, SCALA will have roughly $260 to use for events this coming year.

Future Actions (w/responsible person and deadline)

  • Follow up with Perri in regards to the closing of corporate account and her reimbursement (SCALA Officer by next meeting)

Fundraising (Turner)

  • Idea of requesting dues (Thea) was discussed. Difficult due to default membership. Possible if people would like to pay a due or a fee for a shirt
  • Main reason for fundraising is the Librarian Prom in the spring. We will need roughly $400. Suggested we try for more.
  • T-shirts and book bags have been successful in the past and would be worth the effort this year.
  • Zines are cheap to produce and could be distributed to Alums, Reading Frenzy or Powells.

Future Actions (w/responsible person and deadline)

  • General call for t-shirt/bag designs and content for zines (Nyssa will report on interest levels at next meeting)

Events (Turner)

  • Discussed hosting a scavenger hunt, a tour of the MCL Central Branch roof, or OHSU medical libraries.
  • Jenn has a contact at MCL and it was chosen as this semester’s event.

Future Actions (w/responsible person and deadline)

  • MCL will be contacted to see if a tour will be possible on Oct 17 or 24 (Jenn by next meeting)

Speaker (Turner)

  • Discussed inviting individuals from Zeba or Dark Horse Comics
  • Jenn has a contact at Zeba and that individual was chosen as this semester’s speaker.

Future Actions (w/responsible person and deadline)

  • The individual at Zeba will be invited to speak possibly on November 20 (Jenn by next meeting)

Social (Turner)

  • Discussed Bowling, Karaoke or a trip to Ground Kontrol
  • Decided to schedule an outing to Ground Kontrol on October 23

Technical/Web Presence (Becca)

  • Twitter, Flicker and Facebook accounts will be created and linked to the blog
  • Possibility of individuals contributing to the blog based on monthly themes

Future Actions (w/responsible person and deadline)

  • Twitter, Flicker, and Facebook accounts created and linked to blog (Becca/This semester)

Next Meeting

Lunch on October 23

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