Meeting Minutes, February 21st, 2014

Meeting Minutes

Oregon SCALA

Smith Memorial Union, Portland State University

February 21st, 2014, 5pm

Members Present:

Kim Olsen-Charles, Matt Giroux, Jennifer Rogers, Katherine Pitman, Gary Furuyama, Chris Evans, Berenice Prado, Tami Chapman, Jamie Foster, Pete Schreiner, Alanna Colwell, and Sara Moore

Discussion Topics:

  • Bookdrive Kickoff Event
    • Date: March 22nd (1st choice) or April 12th (2nd choice)
    • Locations Brainstorm: Kim, Jamie, Tami to research.  Looking for large, Ihopefully) free, space
      • Tugboat
      • Rotary/Elks Club
      • Lucky Lab
      • McMenamins: Baghdad Backstage Bar, Annex
      • See See Motor Coffee Co.
  • Create flyer/poster: Pete
    • Agreed to spend about $25 on printing
    • Maybe a couple larger posters for drop off locations and a lot of 8.5×11 flyers
  • Other advertising
    • Invite local library community
    • OR-LIBS Listserv
    • Local Libraries?
  • Donations
    • Books or $$
      • Popular titles
      • Textbooks?
      • We are OK with money raised to pay back SCALA for any event costs incurred.  All profits raised to go towards books for bookdrive.
  • Raffle?
    • Look into possible donations of baskets: Whole Foods, Portland Nursery, etc.
  • Keep track of people to thank
    • Perri has thank you notes
    • Jamie created Google group for SCALA officers

Action Items:

  • Look for bookdrop locations (coffee shops, etc).

Minutes submitted by Jennifer Rogers, Secretary

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