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SCALA Portland Meeting

SCALA Meeting Notes – Saturday, January 28, 2017
In attendance: Carina Bernard, Cassandra Dunn, Jessie Duplessis, Rachel Fellman, Barbara Fischer, Alex Halpern, Katie Patterson, Sylvia Podwika, Sheila Shapiro, Lynne Stahl, Kat Temple, Shaleigh Westphall, and Esther ZenZele,.
Funds: $144

Book Drive/Trivia Night
New and gently used picture books featuring diversity (birth-8th grade) are requested for the Children’s Book Bank
Dictionaries – both English and Spanish/English, mostly paperbacks are requested for Books to Prisoners
Devon is making poster for the event, just needs info
Sylvia is working on getting KBOO to promote us on air
Jessie is getting used books from New Renaissance that weren’t bought from individuals and subsequently donated
Kick off of book drive at trivia night and have it be a month long

Social Media and Website Discussion
Please email or text photos for the SCALA Instagram to Jessica
Facebook and Twitter clarification – it is just for communication and/or relevant stories
Barbara changed the website theme and needs to update info
Discussion of logo for SCALA PDX – referred to Devon

Other Projects
Alex offered to draft a letter of support and will post it to the Dropbox for review
Esther curios if we are interested in going to conferences or participating in events and writing blog posts about our experience
Possible trivia night during banned books week in Sept was discussed


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