SCALA Emporia Portland meeting 3/18/2017

SCALA Meeting Notes – Saturday, March 18, 2017

In attendance: Carina Bernard, Cassandra Dunn, Jessie Duplessis, Rachel Fellman, Barbara Fischer, Sean Gaston, Alex Halpern, Katie Patterson, Sylvia Podwika, Lynne Stahl, Kat Temple, and Esther ZenZele.

Funds: $144

Meeting with Candace Morgan on Intellectual Freedom- 4/1/2017

Katie would like to do the meeting on Facebook Live – people could watch it after the fact and could type questions – seems like there are some technical details to work out

Does anyone have a webcam separate from the one built into their computer for the event?

Do the survey! Perri will email it again.

Trivia Night!!

John Forshew’s work will be a drop off spot for book donations – Starbucks at 1972 W Burnside

Suggestion of us each donating $5 for a GC to Powell’s if we don’t get enough prizes

Devon did the logos – we voted on a design and it will be sent out shortly for us to share on social media

Please send Alex questions for the trivia night – Esther will start an email thread

Jessie gave us coupons for New Renaissance to give as consolation prizes

Sylvia knows the owner of Laurelwood and will talk to her about prizes

When we meet for the next class meeting Katie will bring us printed posters for advertising. She’s printing 75 big posters and 375 photo size fliers. Please ask permission before you post and definitely post in libraries!

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