Meet your Officers: Amy Frazier, Events Coordinator

I spent much of my life moving around – Texas, Tennessee, Vermont, Mississippi, the UK – before coming to Portland to settle down for a while.  My professional background is rooted in media production and education. I worked for a couple of years as the workshop coordinator for a digital arts co-op in Memphis, I’ve run print traffic for film festivals, I’ve taught classes on video production for the general public, and I’ve crewed on more films than I can remember.  During my time working with new filmmakers, I came to realize that media literacy – understanding how media works and how it can be used to enlighten, to entertain, or to manipulate — is of paramount importance in a culture so saturated with video images.

With the encouragement of a close friend and recent Emporia MLS, I began to reconsider my preconceptions about what it means to be a librarian, and realized that it was a field that suited me well and which could encompass all the work I had already done, plus a lot of things that I still wanted to do. While I’m still looking for my ultimate professional focus, I have particular interests in special collections, open access issues, the many forms of literacy, and the intersection between librarianship and emerging technologies.

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